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Hallmarks of Cancer 

It is extensively documented that cancer is an extremely complicated disease and consists of more than 100 distinct diseases that manifest in about 200 cell types with diverse mutational etiologies. This complexity is compounded by the fact that a single disease phenotype can result from multiple genotypes and a single tumor sample could have over a hundred different mutations.

As such, the goal to eradicate cancer is dependent on a deeper understanding of the disease. Weinberg and Hanahan (2011) Hallmarks of Cancer in their seminal paper organised the complexities of cancer into key underlying principles since most if not all human cancers share a small number of molecular, biochemical, and cellular traits. Exploring these concepts will support the development of new and improved cancer therapies.

Much of what we know about the hallmarks of cancer has come through in vitro cell biology research. Cell-based assays are positioned between reductionist biochemical assays and whole organism in vivo experimentation, and are an indispensable tool in both basic and translational cancer research. At In Vitro Technologies we are committed to help you accelerate your cancer research towards positive clinical outcomes.

Together with our partners, ATCCBiotechneACEA Biosciences, and Agilent bring you the most cited and recognized solutions to Accelerate Cancer Research in the ANZ market, towards improved understanding of the disease that will facilitate better therapeutic approaches. 

Next-Generation Biological Models: Revolutionizing Cancer Research

ATCC's short documentary film "Next-Generation Biological Models: Revolutionizing Cancer Research" explores the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI), a groundbreaking international research collaboration to transform cancer research and therapeutic development.

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