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Protein Ark brings innovative solutions to your downstream processing workflow. Protein Ark’s products are designed by Protein Scientists for Protein Scientists. We offer products for protein purification, protein filtration and protein analysis.

  • Empty Proteus 1-step batch spin columns: Unique spin columns offering batch control incubation with all chromatography resins.
  • Empty FliQ AKTA® columns: Robust empty FPLC columns for all agarose resins.
  • Pre-packed HiFliQ AKTA® columns: 1 ml and 5 ml FPLC columns filled with gold standard agarose resins.
  • Pre-packed ProteoSEC AKTA® columns: Affordable and premium SEC columns for fractionating 3-70 kDa and 6-600 kDa protein preps.
  • Proteus X-spinner UF concentrator: Guaranteed best protein recoveries in the market. Ideal for very dilute, sticky or viscous protein samples.
  • Quick Coomassie stain: The Market Leader. A Rapid 15 min, re-usable Coomassie Stain.

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