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When you need confidence in your analysis - Start with superior quality genomic DNA

The ability to extract pure intact and amplifiable genomic DNA underpins genetic and molecular analysis - from cloning and PCR to next generation sequencing and genotyping.

If it’s time to re-visit your genomic DNA extraction process check out Promega’s extensive range of genomic DNA extraction kits designed for any sample type:



> See the whole range of genomic DNA extraction kits here  

We’re giving you 50% off your first kit* so you can purify superior genomic DNA with ease and ensure you have the best starting material for your experiments.

Simplify gDNA extraction from tissue with the ReliaPrep™ Miniprep System

a2051 reliaprep gdna tissue miniprep systemThe ReliaPrep kits provide a complete, ready-to-use method for purification of gDNA from tissue, a buccal (cheek) swab, or a mouse tail snip, obtaining intact gDNA without the use of ethanol washes or precipitations. DNA purification is complete in 30 minutes or less (hands-on time).

> Check out the Reliaprep Miniprep system for tissue

> Using blood? There’s a Reliaprep kit for you here 

Did you know?

a2920 wizard hmw dna extraction kit 3Promega were one of the first companies to produce DNA extraction kits and have continued to innovate their genomic DNA extraction solutions for over 30 years.

Promega do the work for you

Promega Product Application panelPromega don’t stop at a single protocol – they continue to test additional sample types and publish the results as short Application Notes.

> Find a protocol for your sample type.