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Kick-Start Your Stem Cell & Neuroscience Research Projects 

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Advanced Western blotting solutions for neuroscience

With Simple Western™ and Single-Cell Western you can get the most data out of your precious neuroscience samples
• High sensitivity quantification of proteins from rare, sparingly available samples
• Multiplexing and RePlex™ capabilities
• With sc Westerns, you can measure heterogeneity in your samples and study protein expression within specific rare neural cell subtypes

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Breaking Laser Capture Microdissection Sample Size Road Blocks with Simple Western

Researchers at East Tennessee State University and the University of Connecticut Health Center studied LCM samples derived from human muscle and human ACF. With Simple Western™ they can obtain 5-10 data points per LCM sample (vs one data point with traditional Western blot) as well as increasing the informative potential of a single biopsy specimen to elucidate disease progression at a molecular level.

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Dissociation of Mouse Neural Tissue for Single-Cell Western Analysis

Learn about a protocol to dissociate mouse neural tissue micro-surgically dissected from combined cortex, ventricular zone, and hippocampus regions of E18 mice into single cells. Using a multiplexed Single-Cell Western assay 3 subpopulations of cells (astrocytes, radial glia, and immature neurons) within the tissue were identified based on expression of GFAP, Pax6, and β-III tubulin.

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Identify and Quantify Neural Subtypes with Single-Cell Westerns

The Milo single-cell Western platform enables identification and quantification of neural subtypes in a heterogeneous neural sample and monitor the differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes based on subtype-specific marker expression analysis.

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Download a list of peer-reviewed articles and learn how fully automated westerns enable cutting-edge neuroscience research



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Discover Tocris’ tools for Stem Cell & Neuroscience research

Tocris Bioscience is your trusted supplier for authentic, high quality compounds. Explore key Tocris products for Stem Cell and Neuroscience research.

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Stem Cell Lineage

Explore Authenticated Stem Cells, Primary, Immortalized & Cancer Cell Lines

ATCC PanelAn established and growing portfolio of ATCC cultures to choose from, including:

  • Mouse embryonic stem cells
  • Human embryonic stem cells
  • Human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)
  • Human iPS cells
  • Human neural progenitor cells (NPCs)
  • Normal and disease iPSCs
  • Neural tissue-derived cell lines
  • Tumor cell lines
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Detect, characterize and Localize RNA with RNAscope™ Technology

  • EDM RNA Scope 3RNA detection and (co-) localization
  • Cell type-specific and subcellular target localization
  • Validation of target mRNA expression after high-throughput gene expression analysis
  • Validation of (cell type-specific) genetic modifications
  • RNA detecton when no (reliable) antibodies are available
  • Visualization of neuronal network activity and plasticity
  • Identify, characterize and locate stem cell populations
  • Reveal markers of stem cell maintenance and regeneration


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Discover ACD Bio tools for Neuroscience & Stem Cell Research

Reveal Potential Stem Cell Fate with Metabolic Phenotyping

Agilent Seahorse XF technology enables reliable measurements that predict, monitor and track cell fate transitions

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Discover how these metabolic measurements can be used as indicators to minimise workflow inefficiencies and improve differentiation and reprogramming approaches.


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Agilent Seahorse XF Live-Cell Metabolism Solutions for STEM CELL RESEARCH



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