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In addition to designing custom reagents and assays for you, we can deliver our existing products manufactured to your specifications, as you create revolutionary cell and gene therapies to treat life threatening diseases.


GMP Proteins Panel

GMP Proteins

Develop a new protein or manufacture your current version under GMP and Animal Free quality requirements necessary for use as ex vivo cell therapy reagents.

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GMP Antibodies

GMP Antibodies

Recombinant antibody conversion and GMP services to provide dependable supply of custom engineered monoclonal antibodies

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GMP ProDots

GMP ProDots™ Proteins

We can provide customized numbers of ProDots spheres per single use bag as well as different cytokines or growth factors in the ProDots formulation.

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Cell Culture Media

Cell Culture Media Manufacturing and Services

We will leverage our large portfolio of proteins and small molecules to manufacture your optimum media formulation.

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Small Molecules

Small Molecules and Chemistry Services

Our expertise covers custom synthesis of complex organic molecules and customized compound screening libraries.

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Custom Immunoassays

Custom Immunoassays

Let us take care of your assay development and optimization, ELISA kit manufacturing, and assay conversion to automated platforms.

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