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Seahorse XF Glycolysis Stress Test Kit

SEA103020100 1SEA103020100 3

Measuring glycolysis in real time while inducing acute metabolic stress allows for the identification of glycolysis utilization for energy demand and biosynthesis. The Seahorse XF Glycolysis Stress Test reveals key data not evident in endpoint measurements, such as glucose uptake and lactate production.


  • Provides a robust test for analyzing the key parameters of glycolytic function
  • Measure: glycolytic capacity, glycolytic reserve, and non-glycolytic acidification.
  • Kit provides quality-controlled, pre-measured reagents and a standard method for conducting a Seahorse XF Glycolysis Stress Test
  • Seahorse XF Report Generator automatically calculates the key parameters of your samples, simplifying data analysis
  • Seahorse XF Stress Test Report Generator
  • Let’s talk about glycolytic activity
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 


Contents Six single-use packets containing Oligomycin, six vials of glucose, six vials of 2-deoxy-glucose
Number of Assays: Six Seahorse XF96/XF24 microplate assays
Shipping Conditions: Ships at ambient temperature
Storage Requirements: Store upright at room temperature


Identifying Metabolic Phenotype Switches in Cancer Cells Using the Agilent Seahorse XF/XFe Analyzer in an Hypoxic Environment