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Seahorse XF Plasma Membrane Permeabilizer

SEA102504100 1

Seahorse XF Plasma Membrane Permeabilizer The Seahorse XF Plasma Membrane Permeabilizer (PMP) is an exclusive reagent that permeabilizes the plasma membrane of intact cells in culture without damaging the mitochondrial membrane. Seahorse XF PMP allows researchers to explore the biochemistry and mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction without the tedious, error-prone process of isolating mitochondria.


  • Easy access to mitochondria without detergent, beads, or gradients
  • Minimal optimization - most cell types work at 1.0 nM
  • No damage to the mitochondrial membrane for consistent results in every assay
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 


Contents One 25 μL vial of 10 μM XF PMP
Number of Assays: Enough material for six Seahorse XF96/XF24 microplate assays.
Shipping Conditions: Ships at ambient temperature in an insulated container
Storage Requirements: Store at -20oC
Additional note: International shipments require an export permit