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Eradicate Cancer Travel Grant Winners

To support Australian and New Zealand research in the fight against cancer, In Vitro Technologies offered 5 Travel Grants to Australian and New Zealand researchers to attend the Eradicate Cancer Conference in Melbourne in March 2018. And the winners are...


Betting Twelve Billion Dollars on Cellular Immunotherapy

In the latest vote of confidence that cellular immunotherapy is going to live up to its potential for transforming the way cancer is treated, this week Gilead Sciences purchased Kite Pharma, a leader in the development of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, for $11.9 billion dollars.


See the new Minifors 2 at PEWS.

Join us at the Protein Expression Workshop meeting for a hands-on demonstration of the new Minifors 2 from Infors-HT and the new eve bioprocess control software.

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