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Your complete solution for Antibodies

In Vitro Technologies offers your complete Antibody solution. Together, Bio-Techne offers the largest selection of antibodies on the market.

Choosing quality reagents that will lead to results you can trust is one of the most critical aspects of scientific research.  Learn more about the Bio-Techne approach to antibody reproducibility, with antibody design and testing tips to help validate your antibodies and ensure the reproducibility of your data.

We have 1000's of antibodies available contact us and we'll help you select the right one  

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Lessons from 30 Years in Antibody Validation and Reproducibility. 

Antibody Guarantee
We guarantee that every antibody we sell will work in the application and species listed.

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Risk-free Testing
Try a primary antibody from Novus Biologicals in an untested species or application without the financial risk of failure.

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Our Antibody Brands

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