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Daina Elliott

Business Unit Manager

Daina completed a Bachelor of Science at Macquarie University followed by an honours degree in Molecular Genetics from UNSW. Her research career focused on the detection of point mutations in Muscular Dystrophy enabling pre-natal diagnosis for affected families.

Daina is based in Sydney NSW and is one of the longest serving employees with In Vitro Technologies starting her career at Medos company in 1997. In Vitro Technologies acquired Medos Company in 2005 and during her years Daina has been a Territory Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager and since April 2018 is now the Business Unit Manager for the Life Science team.

Daina is responsible for all area’s of the Life Science team including sales and marketing personnel, vendors and new business development.

m: 0403 183 138

Andrew Boslem

Business Development Manager

Andrew completed a Bachelor of Science (Pathology) with first class honours from the University of New South Wales. His research career focused on the mechanisms and effect of DNA Methyltransferases on epigenetic changes involved in cancer development and progression.

Andrew is based in Sydney NSW and has been a part of the In Vitro Technologies Life Sciences family since 2007. As the Business Development Manager, Andrew is responsible for identification and investigation into new and exciting technologies that “accelerate discovery” and synergise with In Vitro Technologies Life Science workflow solutions.

Andrew is also the product manager and applications support specialist for ACEA Biosciences (Real-Time Cell Analysis and Flow Cytometry) and Advanced Cell Diagnostics (In Situ Hybridisation) technologies.

m:0401 243 440

Dr Mala Reddy

Sales Manager

Mala has a PhD in Medical Science from Monash University where she investigated the Contraceptive Potential of Cysteine Rich Secretory Proteins in the Male Reproductive System, using and models, following several years of experience as an academic lecturing Physiology. She also holds a MBA from The University of Luton in the UK.

Mala is now the National Sales Manager for the life Science team  at In Vitro Technologies and is responsible for the employment, training, mentoring and management of the Life Science Territory Management team  to ensure they provide the best service, support and technical assistance to medical researchers in the Australian market

m: 0401 204 887

Jenny Brown

Product Manager

After gaining extensive research and industry experience in Cell Culture, Protein Expression and Immunoassays, Jenny Brown joined In Vitro Technologies in 2006 with the intent to help support fellow Scientists in their research. Jenny has further developed in her 10 years with In Vitro a strong ability to help troubleshoot problems, identify solutions, and accelerate our customers research timelines enabling high quality data for faster, reproducible publications.

As a Product Manager, Jenny is our resident expert for R&D Systems, Novus Biologicals, Tocris Bioscience and Logos BioSystems. Jenny also has a personal interest in Neuroscience in particular Neurodegenerative Diseases and is passionate about accelerating scientific Discoveries and helping you make your research a success.

m: 0434 071 828

Bill Smits

Product Manager

Bill joined the In Vitro Technologies team in 2016 to manage the Asia Pacific distribution for the Worthington CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton portfolio. After a successful career as Manager of "Taylor- Wharton Australia" and with over 25 years experience in the cryogenic and scientific industries, Bill has developed a strong customer focus and brand recognition for the "Taylor- Wharton" range of products throughout Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia Pacific region.

Based in Albury NSW, Bill is responsible for sales, facility design and applications support for the In Vitro Technologies bio-banking portfolio. This includes the Worthington CryoScience liquid nitrogen tanks, Micronic cryoware and Nuaire ULT mechanical freezers.

m: 0427 082 225

Dr Alex Rowland

Product Manager

Alex completed a PhD at the Garvan Institute in 2011. His research focussed on the underlying biology of type II diabetes, with the aim of better understanding the insulin signalling pathway and discovering new proteins involved in insulin signalling.

Alex is based in Brisbane QLD and has been with In Vitro for five years, originally joining as a Territory Manager in Sydney before moving both into a Product Specialist role and to Brisbane. As a Product Specialist, Alex looks after the Seahorse and Infors-HT product ranges.

Alex is responsible for the marketing and positioning of the Seahorse and Infors-HT brands within the In Vitro product portfolio. He also provides support and training on the Seahorse range of extracellular flux analysers and Infors-HT shaking incubators and bioreactors both within In Vitro and to the Australian scientific community.

m: 0423 820 705

Dr Carlo Natividad

Product Manager

Carlo has an extensive academic research background in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology and immunology here in Australia and overseas. He completed his PhD in Biotechnology at the University of Tsukuba in Japan followed by several postdoc positions at RIKEN, University of California, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and St Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR). His research focus in recent years has been on the role of IL-27 in cancer.

Carlo joined the company in March 2015 and currently based in Sydney. He is responsible for sales and technical support for In Vitro Technologies Life Science portfolio in NSW and ACT.

m: 0437 839 387

Clare Tan

Territory Manager – VIC/SA/TAS

Clare moved to Melbourne as a Year 8 student. Enamoured with Melbourne, as most are, she made it her home; completing a Bachelor of Science at Monash University, majoring in Physiology.

2008 saw her joining the customer service team at In Vitro Technologies, moving quickly to Brisbane as a Territory Manager.

Since 2010, Clare has been a Life Science Territory Manager for Victoria and Tasmania. Due to her successes, she has also been entrusted with the Adelaide territory.  While this keeps her on her feet, that's just how she likes it.

m: 0407 853 359

Erika Guajardo

Equipment Specialist – VIC/SA/TAS

Erika is a Scientist by training (Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Biology), and over the last 20 years, she has taken on many & varied roles dedicated to supporting her customers and colleagues. These roles have included Research Assistant positions at Monash University, Territory, Key Account & Business Unit Manager positions (for Lab, Biopharm and Medical Divisions respectively) as well as additional support and/or interim roles such as Project Manager, Product Manager, Service Manager, Sales Trainer, Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator.

Although recently joining In Vitro Technolgies as Life Science Equipment Specialist, Erika has previously worked for and has a long standing relationship with both In Vitro Technologies & Medos Company since 1992.

m: 0407 853 359

Frances Casamento

Equipment Specialist – NSW/ACT

Frances completed an Associate Diploma of Pathology at Sydney Technical College followed by a Master of Science in Medicine from Sydney University. Her research career focused in 2 areas: 1. The detection of PAPP-A protein as an early screening tools for Downs Syndrome in pregnancy. 2. Diabetic responses to transplantation and grafting of tissue, looking at the immunological effects. Published articles in both the Journal of Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Biology and Cell Transplantation.

Frances is based in Sydney NSW and has been long a serving employees with In Vitro Technologies starting her career at Medos company in 1997. In Vitro Technologies acquired Medos Company in 2005 and during her years Frances has been a Territory Manager, Product Manager and an Equipment Specialist Life Science team.

Frances is responsible for the management of NSW life science equipment Sales, Training of customers face to face, Building relationships and offering the best Service, Support and Technical Assistance to the Life Science Researchers in NSW.

Dr Jane Ng

Territory Manager – NSW

Jane completed a Bachelor of Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology followed by an honours degree in Nano- & Bio-Materials at the University of South Australia. She recently completed her PhD thesis dissertation at University of Technology Sydney where she studied the treatment of obesity-related metabolic disorders using gold nanoparticles. Her research focused in the therapeutic potential of nanoparticles and the complex nanoparticle-biological interactions at the cellular and molecular levels.

Jane is based in Sydney NSW and has recently joined the In Vitro Technologies family as a Scientific Territory Manager in the Life Science division. She is responsible for customer relation management, actively planning and prospecting for new business opportunities and building rapport with existing clients within her territory.

Jane's role will also entail the sales of consumables and equipment, supporting the equipment specialist, Frances Casamento. Her interdisciplinary skill and expertise in cell biology, molecular biology, material science, chemistry allowed her to support researchers with appropriate resources and information. She is also customers primary contact, following up on enquires and complaint resolution.

m: 0429 511 731

Rehen Paul

Territory Manager - VIC

Rehen has completed his Post graduation in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at La Trobe University where his research was focused on identifying novel inhibitors for Necroptotic regulators using a yeast- based screening.

He joined In Vitro Technologies in 2017 as a Support Specialist in the Life Science division where he provides scientific and technical support to the consumables portfolio across Australia and New Zealand.

p: 1300 552 003