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EDM Infors Old Multitron 3How old is your Infors shaker?

Have you got an old Infors-HT Shaker? We are on the hunt for the oldest Shaker in Australia/New Zealand and we've got a great prize for the oldest!

The lucky researcher who has the oldest Infors Shaker incubator will WIN a brand new Infors Celltron!

Let us know how old your shaker is by filling in the web form on this page.

celltron prize
Entries close 29 February 2020.

The winner will be announced in early March 2020 after verification by In Vitro Technologies.

For the best results in culture, every step counts

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The Infors HT shaker family includes



Celltron 2 web
The simplest solution for using existing incubators for shaken cells in suspension. 


Ecotron 2 web
Our simplest and smallest incubator shaker for microbial cultures that fits on or under a lab bench.


Minitron 2 web
An all-round genius in a small space.


Multitron 2 web
The number-one choice for reliable, convenient cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures.


INFORS HT is your specialist for bioreactorsincubation shakers and bioprocess software. You benefit from sophisticated systems, in which your cell lines or microorganisms develop their full potential in a reproducible way, thus contributing to your success.

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