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Mostly used for: Lignocellulosic material e.g.
  • wheat straw
  • wood waste
  • bagasse

Key Benefits:
  • Simultaneous hydrolysis and fermentation
  • Ideal mixing
  • Easy addition of solids
  • SSF-optimised temperature control
  • Perfect process control

Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation can now be combined in one system (SSF) – by marrying the proven technology of a microbial with innovative developments in the drive and stirrer system. This means ideal mixing is guaranteed even when the dry substance content is very high. During anaerobic fermentation, the bioreactor provides the optimum conditions for the culture and comprehensive control of the bioprocess.
  • Research and development in the lignocellulosic ethanol production sector
  • SSF process development (enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation)
  • Enzyme screening and activity studies

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