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Key Benefits:
  • For microbial applications
  • 1-, 2- or 3-stack system
  • Preconfigured packages
  • Convenient features
  • Gradient-free
  • Maximum useful load

The is the shortest route to excellent value from the Multitron family for the essential tasks. The advantages include user-friendliness and optimal use of space provided by the modular structure and the downwards opening door. The integrated microprocessor offers flexible controllability, including a timer-programming.
The key advantage with a Standard system is that it has been pre-configured and assembled for the best possible value and a short delivery time.
Preconfigured packages:
  • Single unit, 25 or 50mm shaking throw, cooled or without cooling
  • 2-stack system with high base (31 cm). 25 or 50 mm shaking throw, without cooling or with side cooling for both decks
  • 3-stack system with 25 or 50 mm shaking throw, top cooling (supplies all three decks independently) or without cooling
  • Protein expression
  • Screenings
  • Scale-Up
  • Molecular biology (e.g. mini- and maxipreps)
  • Process development and optimisation
  • Media development

P: 1300 552 003