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The culturing of mammalian cells in vitro has become one of the most important processes in research and drug development today. From research involving only a few cells to large scale production of recombinant proteins, In Vitro Technologies has been helping researchers for over 50 years select the right products for their cells. With Falcon™  Discovery Labware, Corning, and HyClone media and serum we can offer the complete solution.

In addition to consumables for cell culture, In Vitro Technologies can help with equipment, including biological safety cabinets and CO2 incubators from NuAire. The Infors Multitron Cell was the first shaking incubator designed specifically for Mammalian cells. Infors also makes the scale up from shaker flasks to bioreactors easy, with a wide range of bioreactors from the bench top scale Minifors, through to the in-situ sterilizable Techfors. A range of smaller equipment is also available from In Vitro Technologies, including serologicals, pipette aids and waterbaths.

In Vitro Technologies has everything for your cell culture needs from cell growth to cryopreservation.

Corning Life Sciences has recently launched a campaign highlighting their Cell Culture Brand. Using a range of resources including "How to Videos", Webinars and a Document Library, Corning provides an opportunity to showcase their vessels and surfaces. This exciting new online experience is here for your Cell Culture Success.