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a labfors5Bioreactors excel at optimising biomass, yield and reproducibility. INFORS-HT bioreactors can be run in batch, fed-batch and continuous culture conditions. INFORS-HT bioreactors are available for microbial, eukaryotic, photosynthetic and solid-state applications. INFORS-HT have a bioreactor for your bioprocess, with vessel sizes from 0.5 to 750 litres. Bioprocess control is by eve, INFORS-HT’s integrated bioprocess control platform.

INFORS-HT offer different sized bioreactors to meet your requirements.


Primarily designed for research and small scale production, INFORS-HT benchtop bioreactors offer the best solutions for mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast and algae cultivations.

a minifors2The Minifors 2 is a compact and easy-to-use bioreactor with a full range of application possibilities. It is a complete package that enables both, beginners and experienced users to easily perform microbial applications.

a miniforsThe INFORS-HT Multifors 2 is especially designed for multiple, parallel bioprocesses in small volumes. Working volumes range from 180-500 mL and from 320-1000 mL for the larger vessel.

INFORS-HT has over 45 years’ experience in designing bioreactors to provide powerful mixing, good temperature control plus flexible oxygenation and feeding strategies. All this know-how has been transferred into the Multifors 2.

a multifors cellThe INFORS-HT Multifors 2 Cell is especially designed for multiple, parallel bioprocesses in small volumes. Working volumes range from 150-500 mL and from 220-750 mL for the larger vessel.

The Multifors 2 Cell is suitable for cultivation of suspended mammalian cells (CHO, HEK, etc.) and insect cells (Sf9, HiFive, etc.), as well as adherent cells on microcarriers. All equipment is fully optimised for sterile and reproducible parallel bioprocesses, which allows advanced cell cultivation to your wishes.

a labfors5Labfors 5 is a leading bench-top bioreactor, providing the user with an easy to handle, flexible and upgradeable system for culture volumes from 0.5 L up to 10 L. The Labfors 5 is always application optimized for your bioprocesses. Different cultivation strategies such as culture in batch, fed-batch and continuous modes are possible. The integrated OPC server makes the connection with additional sensors as simple as possible. A parallel bioreactor option allows to control up to 6 bioreactors with a single controller. Applications include high cell density cultures for protein production, biofuel and process analytical technology (PAT).

a labfors5 cellThe Labfors 5 Cell is a leading bench-top bioreactor, providing the user with an easy to handle, flexible and upgradeable system for culture volumes from 0.5 L up to 10 L. The Labfors 5 Cell is always application optimized for your cell culture bioprocess. A Single-use Vessel Option adds further flexibility. Different cultivation strategies such as culture in batch, fed-batch and continuous modes are possible.

a labfors lux led flatA Labfors 5 controller with a flat panel culture vessel and high power LED illumination that is dimmable from 0-100 %. The maximal lighting intensity of approx. 3000 µmol m-2 s-1 is comparable to Caribbean sunlight. The main advantages of the flat panel compared to the stirred tank are scalability to pilot and production size as well as even light distribution throughout the culture.

a labfors lux led stirredLabfors 5 controller with stirred tank reactor and LED light stripes in different colours, e.g., white, red, blue, etc., to optimise spectra for specific organisms. The light intensity is dimmable from 0–100% up to 700 µmol m-2 s-1.

a labfors 5 cleaningAt the push of a button, the LabCIP automatically cleans and sterilises the Labfors 5 bench-top bioreactor, for example over-night. The next day, your bioreactor is ready right away for your next microbial bioprocess


To fulfil the highest demands for flexibility with culture volumes from 20L to 750L, INFORS-HT Pilot bioreactors have been designed to keep your bioprocess one step ahead.

a Techfors STechfors-S is a perfect "next step" from autoclavable to in situ sterilisable bioreactors. The whole system is compact and can be easily integrated into a standard laboratory environment. Designed for easy handling, the Techfors-S provides simple, user-friendly instrumentation in the form of a touch screen, which is a colour touch screen with a tabbed interface for easy access to all functions.

a TechforsThe Techfors fulfils the highest demands for flexibility with regard to the design and operation of technical systems and pilot bioreactors with a total volume of 20 to 750 L (larger on request). Your Techfors is specially constructed to cater for your requirements in cell or bacterial cultures. The Techfors is designed so that batch, fed-batch and continuous cultivation strategies such as chemostat or perfusion processes can be carried out or further developed at the highest level.

Solid State

Fermentation of solid and semi-solid substrates has a long history but little in the way of standard solutions. INFORS-HT provides a range of options from specific improvements for mixing of slurries in conventional bioreactors to fully-dedicated solid state systems

a Labfors BioEtOHEnzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation can now be combined in one system (SSF) – by marrying the proven technology of a microbial bioreactor with innovative developments in the drive and stirrer system. This means ideal mixing is guaranteed even when the dry substance content is very high. During anaerobic fermentation, the bioreactor provides the optimum conditions for the culture and comprehensive control of the bioprocess.

a terraforsTerrafors offers a standardised solution for in situ sterilisable, laboratory-scale fermentation of solids and semi-solids such as soil, compost and oils. It can be used for bioremediation, isolation of thermophiles, enzyme production and a wide range of other applications. Control is based on the user-friendly and flexible touch screen instrumentation.


a Exit Gas analysisINFORS-HT offers you professional solutions for O2 and CO2 analysis for metabolic studies and bioprocess control: the INFORS HT Gas Analyser or BlueSens gas sensors.

a Online SensorsFor all INFORS-HT bioreactors we provide you with solutions for the online detection of cell densities and biomass. By doing so, you get a better understanding of your processes without manually taking a sample. The collected data is available for both, the touchscreen controller and eve®. Consequently, it can also be used for automatically adjusting process parameters.

a spin filterAs an option, INFORS-HT cell bioreactors for perfusion processes can be equipped with a spin filter. The purpose of the spin filter in continuous perfusion processes is cell-free removal (harvesting) of culture supernatants from bioreactors. Spin filters are in common use in industrial research and development and for production purposes

a Super Safe SamplerThe new INFORS-HT Super Safe Sampler rounds up the high standard of INFORS-HT bioreactors. The Super Safe Sampler allows you to take smallest samples without wasting any culture. This helps to get more precise results especially in small-scale bioprocesses due to minimum loss of culture volume. The truly aseptic design makes contamination of your bioprocess during sampling impossible.

Special Options

a Single Use Vessel OptionThe option for disposable vessels (Single-Use Vessel Option) allows flexible cell cultivation in the “MobiusTM CellReady 3L Single-Use Bioreactor” from Millipore. To control the bioprocess, the vessel is connected to the Labfors 5 Cell base unit by means of a simple connection. Your cultivation processes will automatically go more quickly due to the shorter preparatory phases. It is possible to switch between cultivation in a glass or disposable vessel using the same base unit

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