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workstationEnsure the highest level of protection for your animal and vivarum staff with In Vitro Technologies complete range of workstations. Combining the expertise of Allentown and NuAire, we provide a selection of HEPA filtered biological safety cabinets and mobile cage changing stations for protection of both personnel and rodents during handling and procedures. Minimize exposure to animal hair/dander, allergens and cage bedding material during sensitive cage changing procedures while maintaining mobility in the vivarium environment.

  • Animal transfer stations
  • Class AII biological safety cabinets
  • Bedding dispensing and disposal systems

Dispensing - Made Easy

FreeFlow Allentown

The Allentown FreeFlow Bedding Dispenser combines a wealth of input from end-users with a unique approach to design, resulting in a groundbreaking solution that’s both highly effective and easy to use - freeing end users from the headaches associated with cumbersome installations, difficult transportation, and the need for compressed air for operation.



Steelco SBD

Steelco Bedding Dispenser (SBD) provides accurate dispensing of any kind of free flow bedding. In order to protect the operator from dust exposure, the dispenser is equipped with an efficient air suction system. Structure and panels made of stainless steel AISI 304. The Bedding dispenser is standard equipped with 2 dispensing ports (or more). Suitable for conveyed filling as well as manual bedding refill at ergonomic height. Soft touch control panel with LCD display and up to 40 pre set quantity programs.

Animal Transfer Station

NU620 1 2The NuAire AllerGard™ ES (Energy Saver) model NU-620 is an Animal Transfer Station modeled after our Class II Biological Safety Cabinet design to offer maximum personnel, product, and environmental protection during sensitive cage changing procedures while maintaining mobility in the vivarium environment.


Phantom Bedding Disposal

The Allentown Phantom Bedding Disposal Station advances the Phantom line of solutions by taking all that was learned in the development of the Phantom Animal Transfer Station and incorporating it into a truly unique and effective bedding disposal station. Energy efficient, quiet, with less vibration and care taken toward ecologic responsibility, the Phantom BDS offers all of this while still providing a larger work surface, greater illumination, and many other worthwhile features and benefits.


SteelCO Bed DisposalDedicated for use in small research facilities or as temporary device, this Steelco Mobile Dumping Station is characterized by the usual attention to ergonomics typical of Steelco products. The allergen containment unit offers the same high level operator protection as the shredder equipped version.



SteelCO Bed Disposal w shred

Steelco Dumping Stations with Shredder are available as stand alone units to be connected to an existing vacuum system. The device is suitable for all type of bedding (dry or wet), food and enrichments with no clogging risk. The dumping stations can be equipped with an allergen containment unit to provide high degree of air cleanliness around the operator.


Automated Bedding and Cage Washing System

Facility Design

In Vitro Technologies provides sustainable solutions in caging, cleaning & contamination control. Ensure maximum throughput and efficiency in your new bio-resources facility with sate of the art workflow and design consultation services from In Vitro Technologies.

Automated Bedding and Cage Handling Setup: 1) Dump station for bedding waste, 2) Tunnel washer, 3) Bedding dispenser, 4) Filling funnel for clean bedding, 5) Storage silo, 6) Vacuum and filter units, 7) Pre separators, 8) Dumpster, 9) Vacuum points