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Allentown NexGen: The Easy IVC

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People are talking about the Allentown NexGen range of rodent housing, and what they’re saying is just amazing! Our goal in bringing the NexGen to market was to ensure it was the lightest, most cost-effective, easiest-to-use IVC system in the LAS industry. And from what we’re hearing – we got it right! As a matter of fact, all of this great feedback is the reason why we’re calling NexGen the Easy IVC!

"It was so quiet I could hardly hear it"

"Super simple to take cage in and out of rack"

"The functionality and maneuverability alone is excellent"

"All operations have been made easier to carry out with NexGen"

"Blower is simple to use with no vibration issues"

"Impressed with how clean the cage is after 2 weeks"

Easy Cage Removal

Cage RemovalSmooth and easy sliding in, and the same sliding out...less stress and vibration for your animals and less repetitive motion strain on your staff... those are the benefits of NexGen's innovative plastic runner system. So innovative that the NexGen is changing the way animal care staff perform their wellness checks...they just slide their occupied cages out of their stalls 3/4 of the way and assess their animals. No need to fully remove cages from the rack...making animal observation simpler, easier and faster than ever before!

ACL: Air at Cage Level

ACL SchematicIn the late 1980’s, Allentown customers requested an IVC that provided dryer bedding to extend cage change outs to at least two weeks, while also providing safer micro- and macroenvironments for their animals and their personnel. Allentown initially responded to this request with a system that delivered air through the lid, yet abandoned this method after discovering that it could not meet Allentown’s high performance standards.

Enter ACL – Allentown’s system for delivering a gentle wash of low velocity HEPA-filtered air across the bedding, and exhausting air at the top of the cage. 

The ACL technology: 

  • Keeps the bedding dryer, longer - allowing cages to be changes once every 14 days.
  • Helps delay the creation of ammonia
  • Keeps CO2 down and oxygen levels up…all while using less air
  • Uses less energy, and less pressure, which results in far less potential for leakage
  • Ensures no dead spots in the cage.

Discover the truth about the advantages of Air at Cage Level vs Air In Lid delivery systems at

Quiet Operation

NexGen BlowerThere's so little you'll hear when using a NexGen that it's easier to describe what you won't: no loud hum, no swirling fan, no air noise as it gets sucked into the blower intake...just quiet. Energy efficient ECM motors along with design expertise applied by Allentown airflow experts ensures you'll barely even notice that the blowers are on!


ErgonomicsLighter, smaller, easier to move and manipulate...that's the NexGen! Re-engineered to be stronger yet lighter, the NexGen uses less stainless steel and a combination of high-quality plastic materials to make the rack easier to work with. Coupled with easy to assemble cage systems, working with the NexGen is a breeze! 

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