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Trust your results with the best, most dependable assays on the market.

R&D Systems has over 25 years of experience designing, testing, and optimizing immunoassay kits to ensure the highest level of performance in analyte quantification. We currently offer more than 400 Quantikine®, Quantikine HS®, Quantikine IVD®, QuantiGlo®, Fluorokine® E, Parameter™, Surveyor™ IC, and Cell-Based ELISA Kits for numerous different analytes and species, including human, mouse, rat, canine, primate, and porcine. 

At R&D Systems, quality and performance is the number one priority.

Choosing quality reagents that will lead to results you can trust is one of the most critical aspects of scientific research. One measure of product quality is the frequency of citations in the scientific literature. R&D Systems ELISAs are referenced more than any other ELISA manufacturer and we are honored to provide a range in which so many people have placed their trust.