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Perfect Immunoassays results, every time

Through extensive assay development expertise, strict procedures and astute quality control testing, Bio-Techne assays perform as expected every time.  Whether you need qualitative or quantitative results, have limited or abundant sample, require single or multi-analyte analysis, are looking
for common targets or are working with unique model organisms, Bio-Techne has the right immunoassay for you and In Vitro Technologies can help you find the perfect solution.

Problem free IHC, ISH or ICC

With the largest selection of primary and secondary antibodies, ground breaking RNA-ISH technology and extensive applications support; In Vitro Technologies ensures that your immunoassays run first time, every time.

Multiplex your assays to get the most from your precious samples and investigate both protein and
RNA expression simultaneously with a dual IHC-ISH assay.

Any Gene, Any Tissue, Any Species

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