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In Vitro Technologies brings together the leading translational technology platforms to drive your Cell and Gene Therapy to clinical trials.

Unlock the potential of cells

Maximise transfection efficiency, optimise cellular yields and perfect your construct design to ensure the full potential of your cell and gene therapy research. 

GMP grade reagents allow for a smooth transition between cell therapy research, in-vivo assessments and clinical therapeutic production.

gene imageConfidence in scalability

Streamline your processes with confidence to ensure a cGMP therapeutic product that will meet TGA certification requirements.

Reduce manual processes, control production cost and enable high yield cell manufacturing using a
functionally closed, reproducible and scalable system. Combined with a range of cGMP media, proteins, small molecules and platelet lysates,

In Vitro Technologies provides a validated workflow solution to drive cell therapy production.

Advancing Cell Therapies & Regenerative Medicine

Our Cell and Gene Therapy Brands

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