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Logos Biosystems is dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative technologies to support the life science research community. Since its founding in 2008, Logos Biosystems has been developing a series of automated systems and imaging instruments for laboratories engaging in research with a cellular and molecular emphasis. Their mission is to provide innovative research solutions for scientists.

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luna IILUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter

  • Fully automated cell counting and cell viability analysis
  • Autofocus technology for fast and reliable cell counting
  • Various histograms and cell-size gating
  • Unmatched counting accuracy and speed
  • Built-in computer and printer
  • The most affordable running cost currently on the market

luna fiLUNA-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter

  • Dual fluorescence optics for sensitive cell analysis
  • Cell counting with bright field optics
  • Unmatched cell counting accuracy
  • Optimized for primary cells, stem cells, PBMCs, splenocytes, etc.
  • Most affordable counting cost
  • Cell size gating
  • Interactive graphic user interface

QUANTOM Tx™  Microbial Cell Counter

  • quantomSingle bacterial cell detection
  • Rapid quantification
  • No culturing required
  • Data report generation

luna 11Luna-II YF Automated Cell Counter

  • Fully automated yeast cell count and viability analysis
  • Unmatched counting accuracy and speed
  • Compatible with reusable and disposable slides

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