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Sheffield Bio-Science, a Kerry Group Business, has developed high quality reputation for reliability and excellence in serving the biotech, pharmaceutical and nutrition markets; providing quality excipients and cell nutrition supplements with new innovative solutions and market-driving alternatives to help our customers succeed. 

To signify the connectedness and value we can provide our customers as a part of the broader Kerry organization, the Sheffield Bio-Science trading name is changing to Kerry. Under the Kerry name, we can provide customers with even greater access to Kerry’s vast ingredient and flavor product portfolio, unrivalled processing capabilities, and insightful market and consumer research spanning every category in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. 

You can derive maximum synergies through utilizing Kerry’s technologies, application capabilities and processing expertise to help you drive greater product innovation, increased speed to market and sustainable business growth. 

As always, we and Kerry remain whole-heartedly committed to providing you with the superior product knowledge and application expertise you’ve come to expect. And we look forward to continuing to deliver innovative, relevant solutions that offer you greater manufacturing performance, improved reliability, consumer acceptance and cost savings to help you grow your business.

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Cell Culture Supplements

Cell Culture Supps BannerOptimizing Cell Culture Media - Stimulate Growth,Protein Production, Reduce or Eliminate Serum, and Shorten Upstream Process Development.

The Biotech market relies on Kerry for cell culture optimization supplements that accelerate bioprocess development and increase bio-manufacturing efficiency. Every day we expand our capabilities to provide the industry with innovative and complementary supplement solutions that help customers increase cell proliferation, extend cell viability, and increase target protein production. 

Fermentation Supplements

Fermentation Media BannerThe fermentation reaction is a complex transformation of material via the metabolic activity of micro-organisms or via an enzymatic reaction using enzymes obtained from micro-organisms. In 1977, Sheffield's N-Z-Amine™ A (enzymatically hydrolyzed casein) was used in pioneering work with Charon phages as vectors for cloning DNA in E.coli (Blattner, 1977). Since that time countless researchers have reported the use of N-Z-Amine™ A in both bench level and large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals. 

Today, Kerry is the only media ingredients supplier worldwide that manufactures both peptones and yeast extracts. We provides peptones in the production and/or feed media of 50% of the top 12 blockbuster drugs produced by Escherichia coli (data 2009) and have a long history of being the number 1 global supplier of refined complex nitrogen sources into media for microbial expression of recombinant proteins. 

Diagnostic Media Supplements

Diagnostic Media Supp BannerKerry started producing casein hydrolysates for use in laboratory media in 1940. Since then, many of our high quality peptones have been used in clinical diagnostics and quality control media formulations. We have fully equipped diagnostic application laboratory, located in Amsterdam (Almere), The Netherlands. The application lab enables us to specifically select and optimize peptones, yeast extracts and combinations for specific media applications (general purpose, chromogenic and blood agar media) and allows us to optimize new products before we start commercializing them. 


  • High degree of clarity for accurate colony identification 
  • Minimal color contribution to medium 
  • High solubility 
  • Heat stable during autoclaving
  • Lot-to-Lot consistency

Chemically Defined Media

chemically defined mediaKerry offers a range of chemically defined media and feeds for CHO bioprocess solutions. 

Kerry offers two different chemically defined (CD) media, both are designed to be used as stand-alone products or with Kerry's supplements and feeds for fed-batch systems. In addition, Kerry has developed two CD Feeds which work synergistically with AmpliCHO CD medium to further enhance fed batch processes.


  • Animal Component Free (ACF)
  • Extended Viable Density and Cell Viability
  • Improved Protein Titer
  • Completely chemical chemically-defined medium that does not contain supplements
  • Compatible with Complex, Defined, and Chemically Defined supplements and feeds for added performance
  • Available in powder and liquid formulations in a variety of delivery modes and sizes
  • Glutamine dipeptide containing and glutamine-free versions available
  • AmpliCHO CD Medium does not contain hypoxanthine or thymidine

Yeast Extracts

Yeast Extracts BannerUltra-Filtered & Autolysate Yeast Extracts

Kerry's yeast specialties and yeast autolysates ensure optimal performance in the growth of a broad range of microorganisms. They provide essential peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as a complex mixture of yeast-derived metabolites. 

Derived from primary-grown baker’s yeast and propagated aerobically under controlled, reproducible conditions, they offer a distinct performance and consistency advantage over secondary or brewer’s yeast extracts. All of our yeast specialties and yeast autolysates are produced in our yeast fermentation plant in Menstrie, Scotland, which uses only animal-free raw materials and provides a Kosher Pareve and Halal production range. Products can be supplied as liquid, paste or non-dusting powder, depending on your requirements. 

Hydrolysed Proteins

Hydrolyzed Proteins 1With more than 70 years of experience in protein hydrolysis, we have amassed in-depth knowledge on the control of the hydrolysis process. When combined with our international expertise in fermentation technology and microbiology, this knowledge gives Kerry the ability to produce protein hydrolysates that are optimally targeted for specific applications, providing unique solutions to you. 

Our manufacturing facilities offer unique flexibility in capabilities and contingency and are supported by product development groups and state-of-the art pilot plants to accommodate new development, process optimization and customer-specific projects.